Cannabis policy and business news from Oklahoma (Please see notice in about page. GCM was deactivated in September of 2021 due to a lack of time and resources for maintaining it. Apologies, y'all!)
Oklahoma cannabis is full of hot stories right now. So let’s explore a lesser-noticed Oklahoma cannabis story.
On January 10, 1982, subscribers to The Oklahoman newspaper awoke to the first of two Sunday feature stories.
A new ordinance in Pauls Valley clearly violates the state’s medical-marijuana laws where they seek to protect patients.
The only thing protecting cannabis from ransomware right now is the fact that so much of it is mired in cash-handling.
My local TEDx Tulsa talk on cognitive biases and true-crime entertainment.
Eighty percent of this post was ready to publish Sunday night. Then the dispute was continued. Welcome to OK cannabis.
Plus: Arrest in Cookies dispensary shooting, federal judge blocks Missouri residency rule, and SCOTUS declines challenge to 280E.
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